Free Animated Signatures

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Free animated signatures or email signatures can be personalized with your name.  Please make all requests for free sig tags on the contact form.  That's right free animated sig tags can now be requested on the contact form baby!

How To Request a Free Animated Signature

  1. Browse through the free sigtags we have available (the menu is at the top of this page). Choose 1 or 2 you would like.
  2. Go to the Contact Form.
  3. Be sure to enter your Name and Email Address.
  4. Let us know which sig tag you have chosen eg. hippo sig tag
  5. Click the submit button, it's that simple!

Free Animated Signature Terms of Use

We make it, You use it!

Seriously though if you do use your free sigtag on a website a link back to www.mylittleslice.com would be a nice thing to do.

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