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snags and tags for your snagging pleasure

Snags and Tags, the stuff you love to snag.  These snags and tags can be used to decorate your websites, emails or forum posts.  We consider that a slice of good. If you would like to post our snags and tags to your MSN, Yahoo Groups or Newsgroups as "shares", "snags" or "JP's", then all we ask for is a link back to www.mylittleslice.com .

While we don't mind our Snags and Tags shared through email groups, with a link back.  It's a very big slice of bad to hotlink or direct link to our images, and you could be in for a nasty, no let me make that ugly, surprise.  Besides there is no need to hotlink, or create web pages to share our snags and tags when we are sharing them right here; just share the link to this site.  That's right we don't mind sharing the love, or the snagalicious snagging pleasure.  But please, no hotlinking baby.

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